Book and Cook

The first meeting of the book and cook project met at the Lac restaurant in Argenton. An appropriate place for a project that will gather recipes from all the European partners and produce a book at the climax next year.

The publication could well include poems inspired by food and its sources.  Or should I say sauces!

Members of the group will be visiting UK in April to taste some amazing dishes from an inspiring restaurant/ cookery school in Kent. Run from a former public House (pub) it has motivated many local people in the joys of producing good healthy food.

LitFest! What an anachronism. What is literature? Google a search on that question and you will find 'intellectuals' squabbling about an answer to that question. Did Bob Dylan really win a Nobel prize for....literature? Of course he did and deservedly so. Literature conveys ideas, information or just escapist visions. It is possible to describe cave paintings as literature of the time. Does this, therefore, mean that comics should count as literature?
No Nobel prize there I think.
Voulmentin has taken the definition further. The latest project to follow the successful Litfest in Voulmentin that combined art, music, poetry and music broadens the idea even more. A group of members are embarking on the latest EU funded project called 'Book and Cook.' A visit to Chequers kitchen will be an inspiring experience. 
If you are interested in healthy cooking and how to convey the idea to others, visit

There will be other visits and the report will appear on the Voulmentin litfest web site.


Pictures courtesy of Chequers Kitchen.